I have two left feet?  Can I ever learn to dance?
Learning to dance is made easy and fun with our Studio's instructors.  You'll be dancing after your first class.  Seeing is believing!

What is dancing Salsa On 2?
The music we dance to is counted in 2 four beat measures(4/4 time) and we dance in a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of the music. A "break step" is the step that you change the direction of your momentum. When your break step falls on the second and sixth beat of the music, then you are dancing "On 2". We use the wording "On 2" when describing the NY style salsa, and teach that style exclusively.

What are "Mambo Shines" (a/k/a "Fancy Footwork")?
Shines are an integral component of salsa that add flare and style to your dancing.   Mambo Shines allow partners to abandon the roles of lead/follow for brief moments.   Shines consists mainly of fancy syncopations in footwork that deviate from the footwork typically executed in partnering.   This component of salsa dancing provides the opportunity to improve confidence in movement that is independent of a partner.   However many aspects of Shines can also be adapted/utilized in partner work, creating a playful abandon that contributes towards enhanced musicality and interpretation. Development in Shines certainly lends itself to a greater awareness of movement, confidence, musicality and most of all the endless possibilities for expression.

Why are you doing Shines you haven't taught us?
The portion shine of the class will have a drill session, where the instructor calls a shine and drills it a number of times before doing another one. This gives the regular students a chance to practice and review shines they know, as well as learn new ones that they may pick up. If you find that you don't know the shine, try to study the count, or at least get the name of the shine, and you can ask for a review of it later. Some classes will start with the drill session. Others will end with it. However, in addition to the drills, 2-5 shines will be broken down specifically by count. This is the standard teaching method for Open Shine footwork that  you will encounter if you take an On 2 class in NY.  

Do I need to know Shines in order  to take the Turn Patterns Class?
While Shines are not a requirement to take the Turn Patterns class, you will find that the classes do complement each other. Many of the steps that are used in the Turn Patterns class are taught in the Shines class. There is a syllabus of steps and Turn Patterns that are assumed for those taking the Level II Turn Patterns class. This makes the class more satisfying and a better learning experience for those that have their fundamentals in place. It's recommended that you give equal time to Shines and the Turn Patterns, in order to be a more balanced dancer. Otherwise you may find yourself trying to play "catch up"!

How long will it take to learn to dance?

The length of time depends on how often you come to class and practice dance -- but we'll have you dancing after your first class!

What is the predominant age group at the classes?
It varies.  We have a range of ages in our classes from young to older.   Everyone is welcome and will feel like a part of our family immediately.  

Is previous salsa or dance experience necessary?
No. Every new beginner class has new dancers who are winging it. It is fresh in the minds of most experienced dancers that they were once beginners themselves, and in our studio, they are nothing but helpful and good-natured toward newcomers. We are geared to accommodate new

Is it necessary to bring a partner to class?
No.  That's the great thing -- you do not need a partner!  Very few people are coupled at our classes.  We rotate couples so that you can learn from experienced dancers as well as assist the newcomers.

How should we dress for class?
All of the sessions are intense so you definitely get a workout, so dress comfortably.   There is no dress code. There are many dungarees.  But anything is fine.  Also, wear comfortable shoes that don't have rubber soles (rubber soles make it difficult to move and turn). 

What benefits do I receive?
Dancing is the first step of social activity. Good dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, poise, confidence, improved personality and new friends. Beyond these, dancing is a superb physical conditioner - providing fun, without working at it! It opens up a wonderful new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round social calendar.

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